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The Slim Pillow

Sammy Margo demonstrates her slim pillow with its special features for back and front sleepers. It’s also great for those of you who want to add a bit more comfort to your cur...

The Butterfly Pillow

Sammy Margo talks about her newly patented butterfly pillow which can help you get a good night’s sleep. This pillow has been designed for side sleepers and for those of you l...

The Bolster Pillow

Sammy Margo shows you how this pillow can help you with pregnancy, back pain as well as tired achy swollen legs. Cover not included, but coming soon.

The Bedroom

Sammy discusses how to review your bedroom for a great night’s sleep.

Snore Soothe Pillow

Sammy Margo shows you the Snore Soothe Pillow which is a big, hunky, chunky pillow. When used correctly it will help to relax your upper airways to soothe snoring, it can also be us...

Silk Pillowcase

Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert discusses the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It will help to reduce the effects of bed hair, skin creases and it will also help keep you cool. ...

Pure Wool Duvet

Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert talks about the benefits of a wool duvet and how it can help to maintain your body’s temperature and help prevent overheating. For some of you this may be ...

Mattress Topper

Is your bed is feeling a little bit too hard for you? Do you want to soften up your mattress? Do you want to the feel of a softer bed without the outlay of buying a complete new bed...

Caffeine And Alcohol

Many of us are struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, Sammy Margo Sleep Expert gives us an insight as to why this might be happening.

Bedtime Routine

Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert talks about the importance of developing a bedtime routine. She discusses techniques to help you wind down after a hectic busy day.
Does My Bed Fit Me?

Does My Bed Fit Me?

This a question that needs some thought, we recommend that you spend as much as you can because a bed should last you for 8 to 12 years
Best Sleeping Position - The Good Sleep Expert

Best Sleeping Position

Best sleeping position for you? Sammy Margo, The Good Sleep Expert has spent years treating people who have injured themselves by not sleeping in the best sleeping position for them...
Good Sleep Expert Broken Pillow Test

Broken Pillow Test

Sammy Margo Sleep Expert discusses the importance of your pillow and how to check if your pillow is working. She demonstrates the ‘broken pillow test’ which you too can ...