Sleeping is a huge challenge during pregnancy and with a few changes you could be more comfortable.

These are the products that can help you with your pregnancy. You will fall in love with them and use them afterwards as well.

The multi-purpose Wedge Pillow can be used in the upright position to provides comfort and support while sitting up in bed or lying down for those who need to sleep in a slightly elevated position. 

It can also act as an elevation pillow to help tired, achy or swollen legs. 

The wedge pillow comes with its own removable cover to ensure a snug fit.

Bolster Pillow is ideal for maternity support whilst sleeping.

It can also be used to provide lumbar support when sitting and can be folded to raise your legs easing tired, achy, swollen legs.

Can also be used as a body pillow.

The set of two Mini Pillows is perfect if you are looking for additional support while lying or sitting in a chair.

Ideal to fill those little gaps, under your waist, behind your neck, in your lower back.

They are also a perfect travelling companion for passengers looking for naps on their journey or as a pillow topper during your stay.

Knee Pillow is made from lightweight foam and a soft velour cover the pillow provides gentle cushioning to the knees. 

The pillow is easy to use, simply attach the knee pillow to either leg and fasten with the adjustable strap.

Keeping your knees apart and allowing your legs to naturally stay aligned with your hips. 

Supporting you in good alignment to help make your back, hips, legs and knees more comfortable.