A tog is simply a measurement of warmth. The warmer the duvet the higher the tog; the cooler the duvet the lower the tog. So in the summer you are looking for a tog rating of approx 4.5. In the winter you are looking for somewhere in the region of 13.5.

But, you’ve got to consider a whole load of other factors including:

  • are you sleeping with a hot sweaty sleeper?
  • is your window open?
  • what temperature is the bedroom?
  • do you use the central heating?
  • how big is your bedroom?
  • how big is your bed?
  • do you have hot flushes/flashes?
  • what do you wear in bed?
  • do you share a duvet?

You can now buy a duvet which totals 13.5 tog but it has poppers holding a duvet of 9 tog and a duvet of 4.5 so that you can use the 4.5 in the summer,9 in the autumn and spring and 13.5 in the winter.

My personal preference is a wool duvets. No math’s here. They are a bit more expensive than synthetic duvets but so worth the cost.

The great thing about wool is that it keeps you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold. One duvet all year round and no overheating! No togs no maths!

I sleep with one and I love it.

Highly recommended for:

  • hot sweaty sleepers
  • sleepers who are too cold then get too warm
  • sleepers who are too cold
  • perimenospausal women
  • children

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