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The Good Sleep Expert The Good Sleep Guide for Kids

The Good Sleep Guide Kids Edition


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The Good Sleep Guide Kids Edition is a practical guide to solving sleep problems in children aged 3 to 10, from leading physiotherapist and author of The Good Sleep Guide – Sammy Margo.

Around 69% of children under the age of 10 are affected by sleep problems.
These problems can lead to mood swings, behavioural disorders and irritability.
Good sleep plays a major part in a child’s wellbeing.

In The Good Sleep Guide Kids Edition Sammy Margo addresses problems such as:

  • Night waking, sleep terrors and sleep walking
  • Bedroom environment, bedclothes and bedtime routines
  • Foods that help and hinder sleep for children

Sammy also looks at issues such as sibling relationships, comfort toys, napping and sleeping with parents, plus other advice on ensuring the best quality sleep for your child

The Good Sleep Guide Kids Edition from Sammy Margo, ‘the UK’s top sleep guru’ Grazia